Civic is an architectural firm for public buildings and places. We design libraries, bridges, cultural buildings, dikes, town halls, squares,

educational and residential buildings, streets, sculptures and stations. Civic creates generous, special architecture that survives generations.

Architecture is not an autonomous discipline for Civic, but a public task. We anticipate with our designs on the spatial, but also on the social, cultural, economic and ecological context.

Civic looks far back and far ahead in time. We pay a lot of attention to the atmosphere of our architecture and to the development of materials and their aging process.

Research plays a crucial role in our design process and we develop variants at every stage. New ideas and proven solutions reinforce each other. For experimental techniques we build models and test fragments (mockups) in our workshop to test the technique and the experience.

Civic is led by four partners and consists of ten architects. We approach the design from different scales and work for each assignment with specialist builders, thinkers and practical experts.

Civic is co-founder and member of The Cloud Collective, an international and multidisciplinary design collective.


  • Gert Kwekkeboom

    Gert Kwekkeboom

    Partner / Architect

  • Ingrid van der Heijden

    Ingrid van der Heijden

    Partner / Architect

  • Jan Lebbink

    Jan Lebbink

    Partner / Architect

  • Rick ten Doeschate

    Rick ten Doeschate

    Partner / Architect

  • Fernanda Romeu

    Fernanda Romeu


  • Robert Comas Miralpeix

    Robert Comas Miralpeix


  • Rick Hospes

    Rick Hospes


  • Laura Berasaluce Achaerandio

    Laura Berasaluce Achaerandio


  • Katy Hope

    Katy Hope

    Intern architect

  • Julia




The projects of CIVIC architects have come about thanks to: Katy Hope - Laura Berasaluce Achaerandio - Christopher Clarkson - Owen Brouwer - Maeve Corke Butters - Louis Aston - Manca Kranjc - Rick Hospes - Ioulia Voulgari - Mihalis Fountedakis - Natalia Drożdżowska - Chiara Ciccarelli - Yin Ting Wong - Jérôme Decaffmeyer - Hiroyuki Gondo - Alberto Benetti Genolini - Anastasiya Prydachyna - Georgia Taylor-Berry - Silvia Barletta - Matthijs Vreke - Ana-Maria Marchidan - Agnese del Brocco - Helena Moreno - Marco di Martino - Kejdi Lulja - Joeri Sowka - Sem Holweg - Mohammad Khalili - Camilo Oliveira - Gang Zhao - Marco Alves - Francesco Strada - Fernanda Romeu - Niels Boswinkel - Eelco Bergman - Johan van der Boom - Leen Bogerd - Lloyd Martin - Angela Solis - Jasper de Wert - Roel Schiffers - Lina Peng



Winner European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards - LocHal Public Library Tilburg

Winner World Building of the Year 2019, World Architecture Festival WAF - LocHal Public Library Tilburg
Winner Completed Building Culture 2019, World Architecture Festival WAF - LocHal Public Library Tilburg
Winner Gulden Feniks - LocHal Public Library Tilburg
Winner BNA Building of the year, Publieksprijs - LocHal Public Library Tilburg
Winner BNA Building of the year, Leefbaarheid & Sociale Cohesie - LocHal Public Library Tilburg
Winner Dutch Design Award - LocHal Public Library Tilburg
Winner Dezeen Awards, Rebirth Project - LocHal Public Library Tilburg
Finalist Azure Award, Adaptive Re-Use - LocHal Public Library Tilburg
Finalist Architizer A+ Awards, Architecture + Renovation - LocHal Public Library Tilburg
Nomination Public Biulding of the year, Architectenweb awards - LocHal Public Library Tilburg
Nomination Architect of the year, Architectenweb awards

Nominatie Publieke gebouw van het jaar, Architectenweb awards - Piushavenpaviljoen Tilburg
Nominatie Brick Awards - W-II passage Tilburg
Civic Architects - Design Vanguard, Architectural Record
Civic Architects - Winnaar Next Step Award

Arc Young Talent Award
IF Awards Munchen - W-II passage Tilburg
Nominatie Dutch Design Awards - W-II passage Tilburg

Exhibitions - Books

Vienna Biennale for Change 2019 - MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Austria
De Volkskrant - 22 January 2019 - LocHal Tilburg - 23 january 2019 - De nieuwe LocHal is het Centre Pompidou van Tilburg
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Tomorrow. Official klaf 2019 Logbook - June 2019 - Ingrid van der Heijden. Civic NL
NRP Gulden Feniks 2019 – Winnaar Small. LocHal Tilburg

Le sfide dell’architettura. Piazze e spiazi pubblici - n.22 - Willem II Passage. Civic Architects and Bright
BRICK 18 - Outstanding international brick architecture -Willem II Passage
AR Architectural review - n.158 2018 - Civic Architects
Igloo - n.183 April May 2018 - Arhitectura contemporana olandeza, Civic architects
ArchitectuurNL - n.2 2018 - Paviljoen Piushaven
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DETAIL - December 2018- Hafenpavillon in Tilburg
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Architectural Record - Bureauprofiel

Lectures - Jury's

Lecture: The future of Museums - Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
Biennale conversation with Practices, Brussels
New Generations of architects, Lectures in Warsaw and Rome
Public Architecture - Lecture, acadamy of Architecture, Rotterdam
LocHal Lecture, International PLAN award, Milan
Library Lecture, IFLA World Conference, Athens
KL2019 conference, Kuala Lumpur
Architecture Now lecture series, Amsterdam
Lecture Architecture of communities, AIR Rotterdam
Jury member Next Step Award
Jury member WAF Awards
MAK Museum of Applied Art - Symposium Space and Experience - Vienna

Symposium Lokket knooppunten, Almere
Lezing Architecture Now: Special Effects, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
Lezing energie en architectuur, IABR, Brussel
Lezing & workshop: New Generations Festival, Warsaw
Lezing: Civic Matters, Eindhoven University of Technology
Lezing: Energie & Architectuur, Biennale Rotterdam
Lezing: Building Holland, RAI Amsterdam

Occupancy/Appropriation, Biënnale Sao Paulo
New Generations Festival, Rome
Topos lezing & debat, Maastricht
Heritage Lecture, TU Delft
Dutch Design Week Talks, Eindhoven
Libraries Lecture, TU Delft

Curatorencommissie ‘Kunst aan de Maas’
Jury Rotterdam Architectuur Prijs



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