The City of Waalwijk is building a new shoe and leather museum to house its extensive collection of 12,000 historical and contemporary shoes which have been made locally and abroad. It will also showcase an array of machines, products and tools that originate from the regions iconic shoe and leather manufacturing industry. The building will have a contemporary programme and in addition to the unique collection it will connect exhibitions with education and business. In turn, it will become a place for companies, education and innovation in the fields of material and design.

The museum forms apart of Waalwijk’s iconic Town Hall ensemble; built by seminal architect Alexander Kropholler. The squares historic gallery, kiosk and police station will be restored and the newly covered courtyard -the museums new atrium- will create an interesting relationship with the adjacent historic architecture. The atriums new glazed façade keeps a slight, respectful, distance from the monument. On sunny days the façade will reflect the historical police station, while on cloudy days and during the evening the new museums interior will become more visible; adapting to the formal language of the historical architecture. A new entrance off the square (Raadhuisplein) will connect the museum to its city. This is further enhanced by the squares iconic herringbone brick surface which will extend into the museum itself; expanding the boundaries of the square and making it the heart of the museum.

  • Name: Shoe Museum
  • Location: Waalwijk (NL)
  • Program: Collection building, business space, restaurant/bar, teaching rooms, lab spaces
  • Size: 3.200 m²
  • Commission: Full comission (SO, VO, DO, BE, WE)
  • Period: 2018-ongoing
  • Client: Municipality of Waalwijk
  • Team: Jan Lebbink, Ingrid van der Heijden, Gert Kwekkeboom, Rick ten Doeschate, Georgia Taylor-Berry, Hiroyuki Gondo, Fernanda Romeu, Angela Solis, Alberto Benetti
  • Partners: Archimedes Bouwadvies
  • Images: Civic Architects, Darc Studio

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